I welcome you on the website of Dr. med. Vortkamp & colleagues in Kaiserslautern.

Since 1 October 2012, I am your pediatrician in Tannenstr. 42 and since 1. January 2015 in the Lutrinastr. 27 (Medical Center Lutrinastr. 27 opposite the Employment Office Kaiserslautern) for you.

Together with my team I try to provide the best possible medical care for you and your children.

Praxis Dr. Rolf Vortkamp & Kollegen
Kinder- & Jugendmedizin – Neonatologie
TEL: +49 – 631 – 3 60 94 26

On the following pages we inform you about the range of services offered by the practice: What can we do for you?


Dr. Rolf Vortkamp & Team

Dates – Dates – Dates
  The media is currently reporting on long waiting times for 
specialists, including paediatricians.

• Emergency consultation: In case of acute symptoms, you can come to the practice daily from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. without appointment.

• Check-ups and vaccinations: For this purpose, we plan the dates according to the age or vaccination status of the child. So far, all children have got a timely appointment.

• other investigations, counseling, discussions, etc .: For urgent problems we actually always find an appointment, if necessary even at short notice. We did not have to reject a patient due to scheduling problems!

Now we have our own PraxisApp! You will not miss an appointment and we can send you important messages directly (and only to you), e.g. Laboratory values, new media action etc.


You were in practice?
Sometimes things do not go so well – or we make mistakes too.
If you have a criticism of treatment, appointment, waiting time or other, please write me: email me


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