practice digital

The practice is digital. Since 1.10.2012 we have switched to a paperless practice, i.a. all documents are stored digitally. All incoming letters, findings, laboratory values ​​are scanned and digitally stored, outgoing findings are stored with us and are always ready to call. Of course, we respect the privacy policy, i.a. no data will be passed on without consent and all data will be backed up regularly. The encryption of the data as protection against unauthorized access is a matter of course.

What changes for you? – NOTHING! –

If you want to talk to us: Come to the practice, we are here for you. If you have a problem: talk to us directly, by phone, by eMail, as you like. We look forward to seeing you and your children.

Why digital? – Because sometimes it’s easier! –

We use the possibilities of digital communication to save you one or the other way, to make communication a little easier, to pass on important information to our patients. However, we do not send patient data over the net, or we only use secure digital paths (for example, with our PraxisApp developed by the BVKJ).

But it works without it! If you do not want to use these options, you can always use the ‘classic’ communication channels and you will not miss anything!


Here you will find all the important information about the practice: owners and employees, opening times and telephone numbers, treatment spectrum and special features, as well as imprint, regulatory authorities, legal information, etc.

Current information, events, tips, news we publish on our Facebook page. The simplest: You ‘like’ the page, then you always get the new information.


The PraxisApp is a joint service of the practice and the Federal Association of Children and Youth Physicians in Germany (BDKJ). The costs are paid by the practice. With the PraxisApp you get, adapted to the age of your child, up-to-date information and information on preventive check-ups and vaccinations.

About the app, we can tell you important new information.

Who does not even forget an appointment? With the PraxisApp we can individually remind you of upcoming appointments, examinations etc. Good for us, because we do not keep any dates free, it’s good for you, because you do not miss an appointment.

We’re happy if you download the (for you) free app (AppStore or GooglePlay). Then you will always receive a small reminder of your appointment the day before. Cancellation possible at any time.

As a small thank you, you will receive our PraxisStick after registration, then you can electronically save all information about your child (encrypted).


Here are some important links to professional associations and regulators: