Prematurity ambulance

For babies who could not waitfrhgeborenenambulanz[1]
Premature babies often have a heavier start than those born. The immaturity can cause some problems, this affects all organs. At the beginning, for example, breathing, circulation, imfektabwehr and the like in the foreground.

After the intensive period, there will be a phase in which the children will grow and develop further.

With the dismissal, the parents assume a great responsibility for their children. In addition to the “normal worries” that all parents make, there is additional worry about the preemie, it develops well, other problems follow, it picks up the premature birth, how will it develop later.

Of course we can not take this worry from you, but we try to give you as much information as possible, so that you can support the path of your child yourself.

The yellow booklet
For many years, the preventive medical examinations for all children have been established in Germany. These are various examinations U1 to U10 and J1 and J2, in which the pediatrician checks the organs and development of the child according to age. These examinations help parents to identify possible changes, developmental disabilities, and other issues early on, and discuss with their pediatrician. The check-ups are always carried out according to the actual age, ie based on the date of birth.

For premature babies, these examinations are too early, since they still have to catch up for some time. If a child, e.g. was born three months too early, ie at 28 weeks, it has just reached the originally calculated due date at the check-up U4, normal appointment with 3 – 4 months. It is therefore not expected that the child is already developed as a three-month child. In addition, there is the hospital time, which can slow down the development of premature babies.

Premature babies not only need appointments for preventive examinations that are adapted to their corrected age (age at birth) and their development, they also need follow-up appointments after the hospital stay in order to be able to react to problems at an early stage.

Preemie ambulance
The development of premature babies is difficult to predict, even at the beginning of normal development, occasionally some problems emerge, which should be addressed early on.

We offer continuous care until school age for all premature babies and at-risk newborns. Here the development of the children is particularly important:

Based on the usual preventive examinations (yellow booklet), we offer you special preterm infants examination appointments – as well as regular (annual) developmental examinations.

The check-ups are carried out at the pediatrician. For premature aftercare, we need a referral from your pediatrician or family doctor.

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