What I see in the treatment or even outside of my practice in the company of people and hear that you can not go on, I’ll keep silent and keep a secret (oath of Hippocrates).

Of course, I stick to the secrecy, this is very important to me.

• The duty of secrecy applies without regard to the person and without prerequisite.
• For children, of course, I also stick to the obligation of secrecy.
• Parents exercising custody receive information as far as possible.
• Especially older children and adolescents, who can already estimate the consequences of their actions, can also rely on my medical secrecy, including the parents.
• If in doubt, I will discuss this in detail with the patient.
• In very rare cases, namely, when the child’s well being is clearly higher good, the duty of secrecy may be broken (but it does not have to).
• These websites do not store personal information about patients and you will never be asked for such information.
• The practice data are not visible from the Internet and are archived and stored separately (outside the practice).

All of this applies, of course, to all doctors. I want to express that I am aware of my responsibility and take it very seriously. I wish for a good relationship of trust with my patients and their families.

Your pediatrician Dr. Rolf Vortkamp