Again and again I am asked for the preparation of a report. I would like to give you some basic information.

In the question of whether a treatment was right, perhaps further therapies are necessary or a health insurance company refuses the reimbursement, there is sometimes disagreement.In all issues, I recommend to first seek the conversation with those involved, your own situation or the, your child and to look for a good solution for all sides. Frequently, misunderstandings can be cleared up in the conversation or questions can be clarified.

Sometimes it may be useful to have a neutral person (such as a friend, relative, or someone who is not directly affected) join you for a conversation.

All medical associations in Germany have mediation centers for assessing medical treatment. These often help to clarify inconsistencies or contentious issues and to find a solution. The procedure is basically free for patients, the costs are covered by the liability insurance. If no agreement can be reached here, you can still take all legal action. For more information, please contact the responsible medical association.

If no agreement can be reached, it may be necessary to submit an official statement. Here are several forms of medical opinion, which I will briefly outline below:

1. Second opinion
If you think there may be alternatives to a proposed treatment or you just want to hear a different opinion, you can contact a trusted doctor who works in the same specialty (for example, pediatrician). Bring, if possible, all the documents you have with you. Alternatively, previous findings can also be requested. The costs usually take over the health insurance companies.

2. medical report
For example, to apply for therapy or rehabilitation, it may be useful or necessary for you to submit a report on your child’s illnesses, limitations and / or problems, or they may be requested by the appropriate body.
As a rule, your pediatrician will issue this report, including the diagnosis and current therapy and, if necessary, a recommendation for treatment as your pediatrician considers useful.
The cost is around 20 – 50 euros and pays the one who commissions the report.

3. medical opinion
This is a detailed statement on treatment, including causes, circumstances, history, current therapy, prognosis, etc. This statement is intended to represent the disease comprehensively and neutrally, according to the medical standard, also on possible alternatives, risks, etc.

A medical opinion is often required by insurance companies, authorities, etc., in order to make a decision to reimburse the cost, usually it is created by the attending physician. The costs are around 100 euros and are borne by the client.

4. medical report
A medical appraisal deals in detail with a defined question, presents all relevant data / facts (in understandable German) and answers the given questions. In this case the assessor is obliged to neutrality, i. neither the patient’s interest nor the interest of the other party (doctor, insurance, authority, etc.) may play a role here. Essential are only the (documented) facts and the state of medical science.

It follows that the evaluator is neutral, i.e. usually is neither a doctor treating the patient, nor is he in a dependent relationship with the opposite party, i.e. not working in the hospital, who has carried out the treatment, does not work for the insurance, does not work for the appropriate authority, etc. Of course There must also be no family or close personal relationship with the participants.

The assessor must be or have been active in the area to be assessed and have a corresponding qualification, for example being a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine, possessing experience in intensive care medicine or the like.

In the medical field there is no explicit qualification or appointment / state. Recognition as a medical assessor, as provided for in other areas (construction, motor vehicles).

The medical report always refers to a specific question, e.g. In the case of the existing findings, the therapy performed was correct, as a rule, the questions to be answered are listed in detail in the report. Depending on the order, the patient may need to be examined or the report prepared as a report on the situation.

The assessor presents the course of the disease and answers the questions of the state of medical science, regardless of the interests of the parties involved or possible financial consequences, but according to purely medical criteria.

The evaluation of the opinion and further information and the decision, e.g. the customer then decides on the obligation to pay, e.g. the competent court.

The costs of a medical report are billed according to the law on compensation for damages according to expenses, the costs are borne by the client, they are usually at least 500 euros, one or several thousand euros are not uncommon.

If you would like to commission an expert report, you are welcome to contact me in advance to discuss the further procedure and to clarify the cost assumption.

Occasionally one reads, reports would only for the patient side or only for the medical side or insurance side or similar. created. However, opinions should not take into account or emphasize the interests of a party, but should be fundamentally neutral, i. according to the current state of knowledge take into account all facts, independent of individual interests.

As a rule, the result of an expert report can only be determined after a thorough review of all documents and, if necessary, additional research. Therefore, the result can not be pre-determined or an opinion with a specific result can be awarded in the order.

Possibly results can be discussed in advance, so that the report will only be awarded.

practice times

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 am

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Special times:
• Daily 8.00 – 9.00 am for emergencies (without appointment)
• Daily from 8.30 am for blood withdrawals (by appointment)
• and by appointment
• On Saturday you usually reach me from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm by phone (call forwarding).


practice digital

The practice is digital. Since 1.10.2012 we have switched to a paperless practice, i.a. all documents are stored digitally. All incoming letters, findings, laboratory values ​​are scanned and digitally stored, outgoing findings are stored with us and are always ready to call. Of course, we respect the privacy policy, i.a. no data will be passed on without consent and all data will be backed up regularly. The encryption of the data as protection against unauthorized access is a matter of course.

What changes for you? – NOTHING! –

If you want to talk to us: Come to the practice, we are here for you. If you have a problem: talk to us directly, by phone, by eMail, as you like. We look forward to seeing you and your children.

Why digital? – Because sometimes it’s easier! –

We use the possibilities of digital communication to save you one or the other way, to make communication a little easier, to pass on important information to our patients. However, we do not send patient data over the net, or we only use secure digital paths (for example, with our PraxisApp developed by the BVKJ).

But it works without it! If you do not want to use these options, you can always use the ‘classic’ communication channels and you will not miss anything!


Here you will find all the important information about the practice: owners and employees, opening times and telephone numbers, treatment spectrum and special features, as well as imprint, regulatory authorities, legal information, etc.

Current information, events, tips, news we publish on our Facebook page. The simplest: You ‘like’ the page, then you always get the new information.


The PraxisApp is a joint service of the practice and the Federal Association of Children and Youth Physicians in Germany (BDKJ). The costs are paid by the practice. With the PraxisApp you get, adapted to the age of your child, up-to-date information and information on preventive check-ups and vaccinations.

About the app, we can tell you important new information.

Who does not even forget an appointment? With the PraxisApp we can individually remind you of upcoming appointments, examinations etc. Good for us, because we do not keep any dates free, it’s good for you, because you do not miss an appointment.

We’re happy if you download the (for you) free app (AppStore or GooglePlay). Then you will always receive a small reminder of your appointment the day before. Cancellation possible at any time.

As a small thank you, you will receive our PraxisStick after registration, then you can electronically save all information about your child (encrypted).

Elternfragebogen (FOMA)

  1. (erforderlich)
  2. (erforderlich)
  1. Streit unter den Geschwistern
  2. Verursacht Probleme zwischen den Eltern
  3. Beansprucht Zeit und hält die Familienmitglieder von der Arbeit oder Aktivitäten ab
  4. Verursacht Streit in der Familie
  5. Isoliert die Familie von Freunden und gesellschaftlichen Aktivitäten
  6. Macht es der Familie schwer, sich miteinander zu vergnügen
  7. Erschwert die Kindererziehung
  8. Macht es schwer, allen Familienmitgliedern einen fairen Anteil an Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken
  9. Macht es schwer, mit den Schulaufgaben auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben
  10. Braucht extra Hilfe in der Schule

of babies who can not wait

• The dates for the check-ups are usually too early for premature babies. In addition, preemies often have much to catch up on.

• Therefore, we offer additional check-ups for premature babies and children at risk.

• You can also perform necessary ultrasound examinations and administer Synagis.

unexpectedly comes often

• You can not plan acute illnesses, usually they are inconvenient.
• We are also without an appointment for acute illnesses in the morning from 8.00 to 9.00 o’clock.
• Or you call, then we try to schedule a short term appointment (please schedule time).
• On Saturdays, you can call me by phone on the practice number for emergencies. You can reach me then by call forwarding at home or mobile.


What I see in the treatment or even outside of my practice in the company of people and hear that you can not go on, I’ll keep silent and keep a secret (oath of Hippocrates).

Of course, I stick to the secrecy, this is very important to me.

• The duty of secrecy applies without regard to the person and without prerequisite.
• For children, of course, I also stick to the obligation of secrecy.
• Parents exercising custody receive information as far as possible.
• Especially older children and adolescents, who can already estimate the consequences of their actions, can also rely on my medical secrecy, including the parents.
• If in doubt, I will discuss this in detail with the patient.
• In very rare cases, namely, when the child’s well being is clearly higher good, the duty of secrecy may be broken (but it does not have to).
• These websites do not store personal information about patients and you will never be asked for such information.
• The practice data are not visible from the Internet and are archived and stored separately (outside the practice).

All of this applies, of course, to all doctors. I want to express that I am aware of my responsibility and take it very seriously. I wish for a good relationship of trust with my patients and their families.

Your pediatrician Dr. Rolf Vortkamp