unexpectedly comes often

• You can not plan acute illnesses, usually they are inconvenient.
• We are also without an appointment for acute illnesses in the morning from 8.00 to 9.00 o’clock.
• Or you call, then we try to schedule a short term appointment (please schedule time).
• On Saturdays, you can call me by phone on the practice number for emergencies. You can reach me then by call forwarding at home or mobile.

Vaccination protects

We carry out all vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (StIKo).

• Here you will find the vaccination calendar of the STIKO (German).

• Further information on the individual vaccinations you will alwayBVKJs find currently under Current vaccination recommendations of paediatricians in the network.

• If you have any questions, please contact us.


Help, a rash

With the rashes that’s a thing, they come all of a sudden, sometimes they itch, sometimes there is a fever, only: what could it be?

• Teething problems are often associated with a rash, sometimes the rash is very typical, so it is not difficult to recognize it.

• Sometimes teething troubles are just a pale or just a short rash. Then it is difficult.

• But even with allergies, we often see a rash, sometimes wheals, sometimes blisters, sometimes a flat redness. Almost always the rash itches.

• Many viral infections are associated with a rash. And this can take quite different forms, such as an allergy or a childhood disease. Sometimes we can only distinguish it later.

Diseases with rash:
• Teething problems are infectious diseases that are usually only given once in a lifetime, mostly as a child. There remains a long (mostly lifelong) immunity.
• An allergy is associated with itching and is not contagious.
• Many virus infections can make one or the other picture. They are contagious, itch sometimes, sometimes go away fast, sometimes only slowly.