of babies who can not wait

• The dates for the check-ups are usually too early for premature babies. In addition, preemies often have much to catch up on.

• Therefore, we offer additional check-ups for premature babies and children at risk.

• You can also perform necessary ultrasound examinations and administer Synagis.


What I see in the treatment or even outside of my practice in the company of people and hear that you can not go on, I’ll keep silent and keep a secret (oath of Hippocrates).

Of course, I stick to the secrecy, this is very important to me.

• The duty of secrecy applies without regard to the person and without prerequisite.
• For children, of course, I also stick to the obligation of secrecy.
• Parents exercising custody receive information as far as possible.
• Especially older children and adolescents, who can already estimate the consequences of their actions, can also rely on my medical secrecy, including the parents.
• If in doubt, I will discuss this in detail with the patient.
• In very rare cases, namely, when the child’s well being is clearly higher good, the duty of secrecy may be broken (but it does not have to).
• These websites do not store personal information about patients and you will never be asked for such information.
• The practice data are not visible from the Internet and are archived and stored separately (outside the practice).

All of this applies, of course, to all doctors. I want to express that I am aware of my responsibility and take it very seriously. I wish for a good relationship of trust with my patients and their families.

Your pediatrician Dr. Rolf Vortkamp

Preemie investigations

An overview should give the following table. Of course, examinations are varied according to clinical findings.

The check-ups (U’s) and vaccinations are carried out by the pediatrician / family doctor. Dates calculated according to chronological age.

We offer the preemie examinations (F1 – F9), calculated according to the corrected age (after ET). Synagis immunizations are performed during the winter months.

The preemie examinations:

For all preemie examinations includes:
Measurement of body weight, body length, head circumference, diet, stool and urine, sleep, general problems.

If necessary, in particular if a conspicuous finding has been found during previous examinations, further examinations may also be carried out, e.g. Ultrasound examinations, blood tests, EEG etc.

 F1+F2: 1. Examination after discharge from the clinic. Here, the current state of development is examined first. This includes the neurological and medical examination, the state of development, the question of nutrition and current medication. Development and physiotherapySchädelsonographie and kidney sonography
F4 In addition to the developmental examination ultrasound examinations can be carried out. Questions about nutrition, previous development and family life are in the foreground.
F5 At the age of 6 months, a child has already developed well. In premature babies, we look at how the development has been in recent months and whether the corrected age of about 6 months has already been reached.
F5a Many premature babies and their parents benefit from the 9-month corrected age study. Now the fontanelle will close soon, maybe another ultrasound examination can be done.

The first teeth are there? Sometimes that makes problems.

The monitor may have been running for 12 months now – settle or continue?

Development is progressing, what will be the next year? We discuss this with you.

F6 Time for a first interim balance. How far has your child developed? The first Bayley test should now be carried out to see how far the development has progressed and whether further funding is necessary and useful.

A language development test helps to start further funding if necessary.


F7 According to the decision of the GBA (Joint Federal Committee), all babies with a birth weight of up to 1500g should be carried out at 24 months.
We think this should be done on all preemies – regardless of birth weight – and at different times.
A language development test to classify language skills and, where appropriate, language learning is important at this age.
F7a If there are still developmental problems or linguistic delays that are not uncommon in premature babies, promotion should now be intensified.

In an inconspicuous examination, this gives you the assurance that “everything is alright”.

F8 At age 4, most children go to kindergarten. How does your child feel? Is it in good hands? We discuss these questions with you.

If there are special problems, fears, difficulties, I take the time to do so and we think about how we can handle this.

F9 Shortly before school starts, many parents are wondering whether enrollment is advisable or preferable to defer. With various investigations we can assist you with this decision competently.

A special pre-school test shows the language development, other studies the intellectual and social development.

ADHD: a topic also with preemie parents. Various investigations can help here to get more clarity.


Beratung von Familien in Konfliktsituationen kann, insbesondere, wenn Kinder mit im Spiel sind, recht schwierig sein.

Kinder halten Paare zusammen, trennen sie aber auch.

Ich biete Ihnen meine Beratung an und richte mich hierbei nach den Grundsätzen der Mediation.

Im Mittelpunkt meiner Beratung stehen die Kinder, ihre Bedürfnisse, ihre Sorgen, ihre Probleme, ihre Zukunft.

Ich lege Wert auf ein respektvolles Miteinander. In meinen Beratungseinheiten gehe ich individuell auf Sie und Ihre Bedürfnisse ein. Dabei ist es wichtig, dass die Bereitschaft vorhanden ist, an sich zu arbeiten. In jeder Krise steckt auch eine Chance.

Die Beratung soll Ihnen helfen: 

  • respektvoller mit Ihrem Partner umzugehen
  • Vorurteile und Missverständnisse auszuräumen
  • Wünsche klar zu formulieren
  • das Verhalten Ihres Partner besser zu verstehen
  • sich und Ihren Partner neu kennen zu lernen
  • Erwartungen an- und auszusprechen
  • gewaltfrei miteinander zu kommunizieren
  • Krisen zu meistern
  • Grenzen zu stecken und diese auch anzuerkennen
  • wieder miteinander zu reden
  • zuzuhören
  • gefühlvoller miteinander umzugehen
  • Ressourcen/Fähigkeiten neu zu entdecken


Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Familienberatung, Patchwork-Familien, Familien mit besonderen Bedürfnissen.


Bitte nehmen Sie mit mir Kontakt auf, so dass wir weitere Einzelheiten klären können.