check-up examinations U1 – U11 und J1 – J2

• The check-up examinations (yellow examination booklet) are detailed examinations of the stage of development of your child.

• Each study has other priorities: physical health, development, language, hearing, vision, etc.

• Please always bring the prevention booklet, the vaccination book and the insurance card.

• We usually start with a small questionnaire to get some important information about your child.

• Measuring and weighing is always part of it.

• There is always time to ask questions during and after the check-up, investigation questions, general development, speech, hearing, sighting, etc. (some parents make a small note before they forget anything).

• In the Rgel you will be reminded by the aftercare center in Homburg of the preventive appointments. We then give the feedback back to the aftercare center.

• Forget any precaution? The Federal Association of Paediatricians offers an electronic reminder (to your e-mail address):

basic psychosomatic care

Psychosomatics considers body and mind in a context. For a long time it has been known that worries, hardships, stress, sadness and other things can affect well-being and also many organs. The vernacular says: “I find it hard to stomach“.
Children react with stomach aches in many diseases. But it is not always an infection, a gastrointestinal flu or intolerance the cause.

We take time for special problems. Sometimes it is enough to find out together in conversation whether there are particular difficulties in kindergarten, school or family, which could make the child stomach ache.

At the beginning there is the clarification of organic causes. Then we can try together to identify burdens and find solutions. For this we should take some time.

This is the basic psychosomatic care we can offer you. In special cases more intensive therapy is necessary, e.g. in anorexia. Then the further therapy should be continued by a specialist (see below). If necessary, I will arrange a contact or appointment for you.

basic psychosomatic care:
Basic psychosomatic care is provided by specially trained doctors. Here, the acute problems in the foreground, we are looking together for solutions that represents a good way for your child and the family.

Psychosomatics is a specialty of medicine. Specialized doctors have completed extensive training. If a solution can not be found in the context of basic care, I work together with psychosomatically trained doctors.

Child psychology, child psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry
These are other specialties in mental disorders or personality disorders. I work closely with them, if necessary, I can contact them to ensure the best possible care.

Vaccination protects

We carry out all vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (StIKo).

• Here you will find the vaccination calendar of the STIKO (German).

• Further information on the individual vaccinations you will alwayBVKJs find currently under Current vaccination recommendations of paediatricians in the network.

• If you have any questions, please contact us.