Vaccination protects

We carry out all vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (StIKo).

• Here you will find the vaccination calendar of the STIKO (German).

• Further information on the individual vaccinations you will alwayBVKJs find currently under Current vaccination recommendations of paediatricians in the network.

• If you have any questions, please contact us.


Help, a rash

With the rashes that’s a thing, they come all of a sudden, sometimes they itch, sometimes there is a fever, only: what could it be?

• Teething problems are often associated with a rash, sometimes the rash is very typical, so it is not difficult to recognize it.

• Sometimes teething troubles are just a pale or just a short rash. Then it is difficult.

• But even with allergies, we often see a rash, sometimes wheals, sometimes blisters, sometimes a flat redness. Almost always the rash itches.

• Many viral infections are associated with a rash. And this can take quite different forms, such as an allergy or a childhood disease. Sometimes we can only distinguish it later.

Diseases with rash:
• Teething problems are infectious diseases that are usually only given once in a lifetime, mostly as a child. There remains a long (mostly lifelong) immunity.
• An allergy is associated with itching and is not contagious.
• Many virus infections can make one or the other picture. They are contagious, itch sometimes, sometimes go away fast, sometimes only slowly.