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time and again the question arises: where to go with the medicines for the children? And in an emergency then: where are the drugs, what dosage is correct, where are the telephone numbers from the pediatrician, children’s hospital, poison emergency etc.Therefore, I have specially developed a children’s pharmacy for children, which helps you to keep track and in an emergency everything at hand to have.

Kinderapotheke BOX                   24,95 €

  • Content:
    Thermometer, important for all diseases
  • Tweezers for splinters, foreign bodies, ticks and much more
  • Plasters come to wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, but also help with other ailments
  • Wound dressings for larger wounds, bleeding wounds, burns and others (sterile packed).
  • Mild disinfectant for wounds
  • Dosage table for every age

Kinderapotheke WEEKEND      19,95 €


  • plasters come to wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, but also help with other ailments
  • dressings for larger wounds, bleeding wounds, burns and other (sterile packed) .
  • medication box with 4 subjects (morning, noon, evening, when needed), so that on Nothing goes wrong for the weekend.

Kinderapotheke DAILY    16,95 €

Idee & Realisierung:

Dr. Rolf Vortkamp

Kinder- & Jugendmedizin – Neonatologie

Lutrinastr. 27

67655 Kaiserslautern

TEL: 0631 – 6 44 40



Kompetenzzentrum für Familien

Susanne Vortkamp-Lutz (Inhaberin)

Im Engelstal 15

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TEL: 0631 – 37 31 7007

siblings books


Time and again, the parents of premature babies ask: how do we explain it to the siblings? After all, they are often not allowed to visit their new siblings for weeks, and sometimes they even think that this child does not exist.

From the often sudden and unexpected birth of the caesarean section and the first hard weeks to the release of a premature baby all topics are covered. The child-friendly language helps the children to understand the topic better.

Our Lisa is a premature baby appeared in 2011 in Engeldorfer-Verlag (Leipzig) and is recommended by the German Femal Medical Association as a child-friendly non-fiction book.

The second sibling book Our Ben explained convulsive seizures vividly by the example of the organization on a ship, which happens with a seizure.

Ben[1]The second book is very successful and has already received many positive reviews.

The 3rd sibling book Our Leon has a heart defect explained by means of a construction site how the heart works and what a heart defect has consequences.

Susanne Vortkamp-Lutz, a two-time premature mother and active in parenting for years, came up with the idea of publishing books especially for sibling children.

The book is suitable for preschool and elementary school children to read aloud and watch.

Dr. Rolf Vortkamp is a pediatrician, neonatologist and father of four. He accepted the challenge of teaching medicine in a language suitable for children.

Martin Speyer is a pediatric nurse and father of two. Drawing talent coupled with expertise gives the sibling books their distinctive face.

You can order the books here, on request also with personal signature: >> order


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